MPT Series of Cable and Harness Analyzers

Key features of the MPT Wiring Analyzer include:
  • Test reengage: enables tests to be paused afer a failure and reengaged afer debugging, eliminatng the need to repeat already verified test sequences and saving overall test tmes. 
  • Mass hi-pot algorithm: provides complete test coverage in a fracton of the tme required by conventonal linear test methods.
  • Touch trace: simplifies fault finding diagnostcs in large complex wire harnesses.
  • Connect anywhere: facilitates ease of multple adapter cable connecton
  • Floating ground feature: allows full validaton of any grounded product
  • Automation pro: allows easy creaton of custom user interfaces

Technical information
DC voltage 50 - 3000 V, ±1% ±5V
AC voltage 50 - 3500 V, ±1% ±5V
Max DC current 5mA
Max AC current 50mA
Max slots 56 (+ 53 with expansion unit)
Continuity (2-Wire) 200mΩ to 400KΩ, ±1% ±200mΩ
Continuity (4-Wire) 5mΩ to 400Ω, ±1% ±5mΩ
Isolation 50Ω to 50MΩ, ±3%
Capacitance 100pF to 1mF, ±2% ±10pF
MPT Series from Nexeya