CTX Powerful Cable Tester

Based on the robust and reliable MPT platform, the CTX series of multipoint analyzers is Nexeya’s response to customers seeking an economical yet powerful and expandable solution for their cable and wire harness test requirements.
The CTX is the only product on the market that offers unlimited test point expansion capability, measurement and energization capability from every installed test point, and a footprint ideal for benchtop or distributed test applications.
Offered in two base models, the CTX-1510 and the CTX-2518, the CTX provides the measurement, high voltage and energization capabilities required in production assembly lines to validate complex cable and wire harnesses for aircrafts, ships and trains.

Technical information
Max DC voltage 2500V
Max AC voltage 1800V
Max slots 32 (16 base slots)
Test points 3072/2048/1024 low/med/high
CTX from Nexeya