Omega MTS888 ICT System

The highly ergonomic Omega MTS 888 offers not only a healthy workstation but also an extremely high-performance test system with 7040 test pins.

Here we have developed a height-adjustable and tiltable high-performance tester that allows you to construct the fixture even while the test program is being developed.

Since each channel can be assigned to its own logic family, fixture construction is made much simpler. The in-circuit tester can also be configured as a functional tester. Simply use our various modules, such as the frequency-time measuring unit, analog in-/output, or voltage sources.

Technical information
Maximum no. of networks 7040
Maximum board size (LxWxD) Unlimited
Interface Vacuum or cable
System size (LxWxD) 1500 x 860 x ≤1060 x 750
Format High pin count, high-performance, ergonomical
Possible versions analog, hybrid & Lambda edition
Maximum fixture pin number 7040
Omega MTS300 from Digitaltest