Eagle MTS180 ICT System

The Eagle MTS 180 is Digitaltest´s most economical solution for high-volume production. The in-circuit tester is equipped with a press, so no need for expensive vacuum fixtures. The pneumatic press allows you to develop even highly complex fixtures at minimal cost.

The Eagle at 5500 N can be equipped with up to 3456 analog and hybrid in-circuit test pins, making it the ideal test system for EMS service providers and high-volume production. In addition, the test system can be equipped with functional modules for greater fault coverage or configured as a function tester.

Technical information

Maximum no. of networks 3456
Maximum board size (LxWxD) 430 x 310 x 150
Interface Pneumatic press
System size (LxWxD) 1000 x 1700 x 860
Format Pneumatic press, economical fixt.
Possible versions analog, hybrid & Lambda edition
Maximum fixture pin number 3456 (at 5500 N)
Eagle MTS180 from Digitaltest