Hyperclean® PX3800 iär det självklara valet för den kostnads- och kvalitetsmedvetne-

Hyperclean kan minska dina processkostander med upp 50%!

Stencilrengöring är så mycket mer än att köpa den billigaste produkten på marknden och hoppas på det bästa.

  • Zero lint design. No paper, cellulose or rayon
  • Perfect cleaning of surface and apertures
  • ESD safe - dissipative fabric and core
  • Low solvent consumption or use without solvent
  • Reduced roll change line stoppage - easy handling
  • Environmentally friendly 100 % polypropylene fabric and core
Material 100% polypropylene
Fabric weight 40g/m2
Thickness (unwinded) 0,43 mm
Resistivity < 1010 Ohm (dissipative)
Tribocharging < 20 V
Air permeability > 1700 l/m2/s
Fabrix fixation to core Full length re-usable sticky adhesive
Packaging Individually wrapped in dissipative bag
Manufacturing Developed and manufactured in EU

Hyperclean® finns för alla ledande fabrikat av screentryckare: DEK, MPM, EKRA, Yamaha, Panasonic, Fuji, Desen, Samsung, Minami, Speedprint, SJ Innotech. Kundanpassde mått kan tillverkas.

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just another standard product?

The stencil wiper roll Hyperclean PX3800 is unique. There is nothing standard in Hyperclean and you can't find it from anywhere else than SMT Express and their distributors. Hyperclean is designed and manufactured in Sweden by SMT Express.

If you also think it's a good idea to minimize solder defects, order Hyperclean today.

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