Repair and Remanufacturing

If you have a board or equipment that needs to be re-produced, altered or updated, contact us and we will see how we can help you.

With our advanced repair and rebuild resources, your valuable boards, components and systems can be salvaged or get an extended life cycle.

We use both our own resources as well as our partner network to tailor a perfect solution.

Our services can save you huge amounts of money!

Contact us before scrapping or giving up
Contact us before scrapping or giving up

Digitizer service, cloning and re-design

Are you facing the problem of obsolete assemblies? We have the solution for you. Using our state-of-the-art technology we can reconstruct your electronic CAD data destruction-free and rebuild the boards. 

The Digitizer software has been developed as part of a research project (INPIKO) for non-destructive reconstruction of Computer Aided Designs. It is possible to import and use existing CAD data from any upstream processes. Together with  Flying Probe test system this enables a highly automated assembly analysis.

We have high-efficiency methods for metrological determination of unknown component values and unknown component types.

component rescue

Don't let valuable components go to landfill or end up on the counterfeit market! We have a total solution for you:

  • Non-descructive component rescue
  • Component repair and refresh (Re-balling, alloy conversion, lead repair)
  • Short term storage
  • Long term storage
  • Re-marketing
  • Recycling
Giving your component a second life is nothing but a win-win-win situation. Make money, secure future repairs and production, take environmental responsibility and prevent black market trading.

System upgrades

Outdated or faulty electronics can be replaced on system level and thus extend the total system life cycle. Instead of sometimes buying a complete new machine or control system, the electronics can be brought back to life and add years of extended operation. Some examples are:

  • Replace CRTs with LCD panels
  • Replace switches, sensors and actuators
  • Repair, clone or rebuild computer boards
  • Modify software
  • Replace and upgrade power supplies
  • Replace and repair cable harness and connectors
System repairs and upgrades can be combined with support and service contracts for a trouble free extended life time of your equipment.

repair and bug fix

One day or another, disaster happens. We can help you with single or batch repair and bug fixes.

We are your neutral partner when the matter is sensitive.

  • Component bug fix (replace, rework)
  • Patching
  • In circuit test
  • Functional test
  • Design verification
State of the art equipment and skilled work force is your guarantee for fast turnarounds and high quality.


Disclaimer: The servcies described above is for industrial customers only. We don't undertake repairs for the consumer market. Intellectual rights must be verified by the customers before starting a job. Our services are not for making illegal copies, patent or trade mark infrigments or any other unauthorized activites.