Verify Your Design (DFT)

Design for Testability is the art of ensuring that your PCB can be properly tested after mounting. This can be rather difficult and if the board cannot be tested, you may face issues with it.

Together with DigitalTest, we at Etronix offer a solution by allowing you to send us the CAD design so that we can analyze it and evaluate it and tell you whether it can be tested or not.

Depending on which test methods you use, we can determine the test coverage. Tell us if you are using analog in-circuit test (ICT), digital ICT, flying probe test, functional test or a combination of these tests. We analyze the design data and calculate the test coverage possible with the available test equipment.

Other useful postservices as a result of the analysis that we can provide you with are:

  • Create test drafts
  • Estimate the cost
  • Sketch time schedules
If you don't have the CAD data for the product, you can still have your board evaluated by us through the Digitizer service.

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