Prognostics and health management

Ridgetop’s leading-edge, solution-based products support a wide range of products and services for monitoring of products operating in harsh environments or critical applications.

Ridgetop provides innovative products and services to assist at each level of integration.

  • Die Level: ProChek™ semiconductor process characterization system; PDKChek™ die-level process monitors
  • Component Level: Sentinel Silicon™ die-level “canary” cells; TSV BIST™ intermittency monitors
  • Board Level: SJ BIST™ intermittency monitors; Q
  • Module Level: Sentinel Suite™ family of diagnostic/prognostic tools, including Sentinel Motion™ and Sentinel Power™ sensors and analysis software
  • System Level: RailSafe™ Integrity Analysis Platform, Sentinel Network™ network management tools 
Ridgetop’s five levels of electronic health solutions


The SJ BIST (Solder Joint Built-In Self-Test) technology accurately detects and reports instances of high resistance, including intermittent opens, in field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)-to-board interfaces, connectors, cables and other high density electrical interconnection systems. 


Ridgetop Europe develops and supports the Q-Star Test product line for IDDQ/ISSQ/IDDT and other test methodologies.

Q-Star Test products and services can help you bring together the worlds of design and test and properly implement current-based test strategies while saving you time and money.

PROGNOSTICS for hi-rel

Ridgetop Group continues to be the leader in Prognostic Health Management and Advanced Diagnostic Detection, ensuring precise identification and isolation of system anomalies integral for successful aerospace and defense objectives