SMT Splice tools

High quality SMT splice tools for efficient splice process. Contact us for dedicated application support.

Standard splice tool

SMT Splice tool TL10 SMT Splice tool TL10

SMSTL10 standard splice tool for SMS0600 and SMS0601 splice clips and SMS08XX clip&tape combo

Stapler splice tool TL100

SMSTL100 stapler splice tool. New improved design that leaves no metal scrap. Replaces TL80. Use with SMS0604 splice clip frames.

Stapler splice tool TL80

SMSTL80 stapler splice tool. Replacement for MOA CST010. Use with SMS0602 splice clip frames.


Steel cutter for 8-16 mm tapes. Guide plate and pins for clean cut between pockets.


Steel cutter for tapes up to 56 mm. Guide plate and pins for easy alignment and straight cut.