Placement Ceramic Chips are tiny little chips placed on a PCB without any electrical functions. Yet they are commonly used by owners of Pick-and-Place machines for trimming the precision of these and test that they're working properly.

The chips are cheap and ideal for visual placement equipment, and come in either Black or White.

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Cables and harnesses are used everywhere, but some applications are more important than others. A cable breakdown can cause anything from a LED switching off to - in worst scenario - a plane crash. So for the most crucial of cables, especially transportation, aircrafts and satellites, Nexeya has produced an impressive solution called WiDD (Wiring Defect Detection).

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Condor Flying Prober Condor Flying Prober

It used to be that the Flying Probe test system was used only to replace the classic ICT test systems, primarily for prototype series (NPI). Since several design revisions were usually required, cost-intensive fixture adjustments had to made for any change to the prototype.

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Process engineers use dummy components and test components to improve SMT assembly processes. Dummies (also known as mechanical packages, test die or test vehicles) cost less than using "live" devices for a wide variety of process related applications. However, not all dummies perform equally. One size does not fit all applications. Skill and understanding is required when selecting the correct dummy or test component for the job.

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The PLCC (Plastic leaded chip carrier) is a cheaper alternative to its cermaic alternatives. It is used for various tasks, from automotive to aerospace industries.

PLCCs are often placed in sockets, making them easy to remove or replace. A PLCC extractor can be used to do this in a couple of seconds.

The plastic leads are J-shaped (commonly referred to as J-leads), and PLCCs range from around 18 to 84 leads.
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