Sparrow MTS30 ICT System

The Sparrow MTS30 system that can be integrated into any 19“ standard rack or be used as benchtop test system. With this compact and flexible tester, you can perform both analog and digital In-Circuit and functional tests. 

In spite of its small footprint, the Sparrow features 9 slots for module cards with up to 1152 test pins, which are available as analog or hybrid pins or a combination of the two. In addition, the benchtop tester can accommodate up to four programmable power supplies.

With the proven In-Circuit and functional test modules you can handle a majority of the possible test scenarios simply and economically.

Technical information

Maximum no. of networks 1152
Maximum board size (LxWxD) Unlimited
Interface Cable
System size (LxWxD) 483 x 178 x 570
Format 19" housing, flexible
Possible versions analog, hybrid & Lambda edition
Maximum fixture pin number 1152