ICT and Functional Test systems

Digitaltest has created innovative and often pioneering solutions that integrate CAD, test and production to optimize your manufacturing process. Digitaltest also offers extensive service and support options, up to complete outsourcing of your board testing requirements.

Digitaltest hardware and software is being used in key industries including aerospace, avionics, automotive, telecommunications, medical, industrial and consumer electronics and more. With over 2,500 installations around the world, Digitaltest is a trusted partner to the electronic industry.


The SPARROW MTS30 is a portable rack System that, with a size of 19", fits into any universal rack.

The compact and flexible test system offers the possibility to run both analogue and digital tests. Additionally, the SPARROW can also accommodate four programmable power supplies.

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The MTS180 is Digitaltest's economical solution for high volume production.

Equipped with a Press-Down-Unit and a combination of analog and hybrid In-Circuit test pins, the MTS180 is in a class of its own.

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The Sigma MTS300 from Digitaltest is designed to meet the demands of today's test systems: flexibility, high fault coverage and ease of programming.

The flexibility of the test system is guaranteed by the modular design and the variety of test methods it offers.

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Primarily the Flying Probe Tester was developed to enable In-Circuit testing (ICT) of prototype PCBs. For testing a new design, an existing fixture has to be changed or a new fixture has to be procured.

The fixtureless design of the MTS500 Condor is one of its most attractive properties, where the unnecessary and costly time delays incurred for fixture build or changes can be avoided. It is the ideal platform for testing prototypes.

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With the continuous and fast pace of development in the electronic manufacturing, the time from design to production is a critical factor for success or failure of a product.

The high performance tester from Digitaltest, the MTS888 Omega, has been designed to speed up this process. Equipped with up to 7040 pins, it eliminates the need to generate the test program prior to the completion of the fixture design.

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CITE (Computer Integrated Test Environment) is the software platform for all test systems produced by Digitaltest.

CITE tools perform a variety of key functions in preparing a PCB for testing:

  • Utilizing the existing component test library
  • Generating the test program
  • Debugging
  • Translating the program for production

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C-LINK DTM is the link between CAD, Test and Repair, connecting to them all on a single platform.  Digitaltest‘s CAD/CAM Software has evolved since its introduction, into the market leader, providing a standard for these tools. C-LINK supports almost all existing CAD systems and Test systems currently available on the market.

  • Linking Design to Test and production
  • Improves profitability and product quality
  • Cuts test costs  and
  • Reduces test time and time to market.
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The paperless repair software C-LINK QMan is a high performance Quality MANagement system. It helps electronic manufacturers to achieve higher quality assurance, reduce manufacturing costs and cut repair time.

C-LINK QMan automatically imports all test results from ATE (automatic test equipment), AOI (automatic optical inspection) and AXI (automatic x-ray inspection) systems.

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Digitizer helps you recover the CAD design of boards with obsolete or missing CAD information and enable you to repair or even re-manufacture the boards again.

With the help of the Digitizer the board data is re-created and all the connectivity is learnt. A CAD file for the board can then be generated that has all the board components and nets and that can be used in repair and/or re-manufacturing.

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