We are able to offer several services for your cicruit boards and test equipment. 

Working with Etronix does not end when our systems and software have been installed. We take pride in providing ongoing support, contact services and enhancements. 

For test services at competitive prices using the latest test technology, contact us today.
Board test and repair services
Board test and repair services

Apps, Programs and Fixtures

If you need a test program, software applications or hardware fixtures for your test project, we can have these created for you. We deliver turn-key solutions to meet your needs including:
  • Analog and Digital In-circuit test (ICT), Vectorless test and Functional test (FCT)
  • Integration of Boundary Scan 
  • Memory Programming 
  • Test of Optical Devices (LED's, Displays, etc.)

Verifying your designs

Based on your CAD files we can analyze whether it will be possibly to test it in your machine and what changes you may need to do.  We can import 60+ CAD formats!

Automated cad and design recovery

Even if you do not have a CAD file for your board, we can repair or test your board and draw a new CAD file for it. Just contact us and send the card to us. 

The service is non-destructive and the most cost effective way to restore lost information about your design.


Contract Board Test

You would like to test your boards, but do not have any test system? (In-Circuit test or Functional test) Or your test systems are busy? Maybe your volume is too low to justify the investment in a test system?

Services include:

  • Applications
  • Test program generation
  • Debugging
  • Fixture build or if we don't use flying probe 

We can use ANY test programs and fixtures from ALL manufacturers such as GenRad, Teradyne, Agilent(HP) et c on ALL our testers quickly and easily. So you can even send us your fixtures and we do the testing for you!