Cable and harness test

Nexeya designs, manufactures and supports embedded,  stand-alone and integrated systems and system support services for a variety of capital intense and mission critical environments.


Based on the robust and reliable Horizon platform, the EZX series of benchtop analyzers are Nexeya’s response to customers seeking an economical yet powerful and expandable solution for their cable and wire harness test requirements.
Offering up to 1500VDC and 1000VAC, the EZX provides the measurement and high voltage capabilities required by cable and wire harness manufacturers to validate the connectivity and dielectric withstand of their finished products.
With one of the smallest footprints in the industry, the EZX is ideal for 128 test point applications but is expandable to 1024 test points in 128 test point increments.
Whether networked, integrated or used as a standalone tester, the EZX provides virtual unlimited data storage and reporting capability.


Based on the robust and reliable MPT platform, the CTX series of multipoint analyzers are Nexeya’s
response to customers seeking an economical yet powerful and expandable solution for their cable and wire harness test requirements.
The CTX is the only product on the market that offers unlimited test point expansion capability, measurement and energization capability from every installed test point, and a footprint ideal for
benchtop or distributed test applications.
Offered in two base models, the CTX-1510 and the CTX-2518, the CTX provides the measurement, high voltage and energization capabilities required in production assembly lines to validate complex cable and wire harnesses for aircrafts, ships and trains.

MPT Series of Wiring Analyzers

Key features of the MPT Wiring Analyzer include:
TEST REENGAGE: Enables tests to be paused afer a failure and reengaged afer debugging, eliminatng the need to repeat already verified test sequences and saving overall test tmes.  

MASS HI-POT ALGORITHM: Provides complete test coverage in a fracton of the tme required by conventonal linear test methods.

TOUCH TRACE: Simplifies fault finding diagnostcs in large complex wire harnesses.

CONNECT ANYWHERE: Facilitates ease of multple adapter cable connecton

FLOATING GROUND FEATURE: Allows full validaton of any grounded product

AUTOMATION PRO: Allows easy creaton of custom user interfaces.


With the patented WiDD solution (Wiring Defect Detection), diagnosis and repair of simple breakdowns and more complex failures become quick and easy, getting the equipment back in service and minimising operation loss. Using WiDD, it is possible to cut wiring test, inspection and repair times in half.

Examples of types of faults found:

  • Short-circuit detection
  • Open circuit
  • Grounding
  • Connector problem
  • Improper equipment connection
  • Insulation problem
  • Wire outside of harness or bad repair
  • Radius of curvature problem
  • Harness movement