Prognostics and health management

Ridgetop provides unique, cost-effective, highly reliable solutions for IC and electronic circuits and systems testing, solutions supporting conditional maintenance of electronics as well as for making reliability assessments (State-of-health: SoH) and predictive diagnosis (Remaining useful life: RUL) of electronic circuits and systems.

Ridgetop Europe is the home of the Q-Star product series supporting test cost reduction and product quality assurance.

  • Die Level: ProChek™ semiconductor process characterization system; PDKChek™ die-level process monitors
  • Component Level: Sentinel Silicon™ die-level “canary” cells; TSV BIST™ intermittency monitors
  • Board Level: SJ BIST™ intermittency monitors
  • Module Level: Sentinel Suite™ family of diagnostic/prognostic tools, including Sentinel Motion™ and Sentinel Power™ sensors and analysis software
  • System Level: RailSafe™ Integrity Analysis Platform, Sentinel Network™ network management tools 
Ridgetop’s five levels of electronic health solutions
Qstar QD-1011-HC

Ridgetop Europe develops and supports the Q-Star Test product line for IDDQ/ISSQ/IDDT and other test methodologies.

Q-Star Test products and services can help you bring together the worlds of design and test and properly implement current-based test strategies while saving you time and money.

The SJ BIST (Solder Joint Built-In Self-Test) technology accurately detects and reports instances of high resistance, including intermittent opens, in field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)-to-board interfaces, connectors, cables and other high-density electrical interconnection systems.