Corelis offers bus analysis, embedded test solutions, and the industry’s broadest line of JTAG/boundary-scan software and hardware products that combine exceptional ease-of-use with advanced technical innovation and unmatched customer service.

Soon after its inception in 1991, Corelis’ innovation in bus analysis and JTAG/boundary-scan test solutions ultimately resulted in the company’s acceptance as a major and preferred vendor of test solutions worldwide.

Boundary scan hardware

Corelis has developed a wide range of high-performance boundary-scan controllers that are compatible with buses such as USB 2.0, PCI, PCI Express, and Ethernet. Many of Corelis’ boundary-scan controllers operate up to 100 MHz sustained TCK frequency.

This wide choice of platforms allows greater flexibility to meet specific price and performance criteria for a given application while maintaining complete software transportability across all hardware platforms.

Boundary scan software

ScanExpress Software suite is designed from the ground up to integrate and combine to form a cohesive and intuitive test and programming environment.