relabeling station for incoming goods

Today absolute traceability is indispensable in modern electronic production and it begins with the incoming goods.

Gapless traceability at customer and quality audits
In modern industry, all components must be able to be tracked throughout the entire production process.  That way you ensure permanently which part with its charge/lot number/date code is placed where and at what time.

Make sure every article matches 100% your specification
In the first reading process, the system compares all read data with an article master database. Only if the information matches the master data the system releases the article.  
Eliminate costs due to wrongly marked parts
While the system releases the article it prints out a custom-designed barcode label.  After relabeling the part it needs to be re-read to make sure that the printed label is readable and consistent to the producer label.

Most flexible ergonomic handling
The system keeps the operator from any validation and shows maximum process safety.  With an infinitely variable height adjustment, it can be adapted to any operator.

Unbeatable performance
Reading procedure and information check in less than two seconds.

Everything from one source
Hardware and software engineering in the same location.  We are able to react in a flexible way to customer requirements and to find finely tuned solutions.

MODI Relabeling Station
MODI Relabeling Station