EMIL OTTO fluxes

The name “Emil Otto” has been synonymous with the highest quality since 1901.

Emil Otto is an owner-run business in the fifth generation and we are dedicated to the development and manufacture of high-quality products for metal-finishing and metal-joining technology.

Market leaders around the world, in particular, use our fluxing agents for electronics production, strip tinning, cooler production and galvanising. 

Reliable products and a high level of customer focus have become Emil Otto's source of pride over the years. Manufacturing is to the highest standards. 

The quality and environmental management systems have been certified for many years.
To ensure consistent quality, Emil Otto continuously invests in product development. A high level of chemical expertise, very experienced staff and a strong focus on customer orientation guarantee top-quality products.

Cable assembly

A wide range of fluxes for cable manufacturing and strand tinning. The objective with the use of a flux is a uniform good tinning with solders containing lead or those that are lead-free.

Water based flux

“Green Line” products are water-based and therefore completely ecologically biodegradable. They therefore do not fall into the classification of hazardous goods and do not burden the environment.

alcohol based flux

Alcohol-based fluxes have a very wide range of applications. The fluxes have very good soldering properties, in particular with the step-through and the wetting of the circuit board. 

hybrid flux

Alcohol- and water-based fluxes, also called hybrid fluxes, have been developed for use in wave- and selective soldering. These fluxes have a very wide range of applications, with very good soldering properties.

flux paste

The pastes can be used for all kinds of manual- and repair soldering. With manual soldering the paste can be dispensed directly with the syringe. 

flux concetrates

Flux concentrates are particulary interesting for customer with large volumes. Concetrates makes shipement much cheaper and easier.

flux pens

Flux pens prevent the leakage and spillage of fluxing agents and are distinguished by easy application and handling. All pens are filled with fluxing agents that have very good wettability and evaporation qualities as well as outstanding soldering properties and a wide process window. 

solar flux

All solar fluxes have been developed for the soldering of solar modules, tabber- and stringer material, as well as the connecting of cells. Furthermore, the products are NO-CLEAN fluxes, that are formulated halogen-free.