Dummy Components, Tools and Environment Adaption

TopLine manufactures Daisy Chain test components, zero ohm jumpers and engineering evaluation kits for experimentation.

Topline make vibration dampers to extend the life of PCB assemblies and CCGA Column Grid Array to reduce stress caused by extreme thermal CTE mismatch.

TopLine and Etronix assist engineers and researchers to solve problems, explore a hunch and attain knowledge.

The mission is to provide solutions that enable you to do things better - advancing the frontiers of all that is possible.

We participate in a community with global interdependencies. We believe that the behaviour of just one person can affect many a continent away. Each day we are energized by helping others and improving our world.

Dummy components are TopLine's signature products. They work as a component replacement for cheaper testing, practicing and experimenting. They have the same weight, material composition and structure as the real thing. It is almost always a better idea to use a dummy than an actual component for these purposes.

M-QFN Open cavity packages for quick-to-market applications.
Excellent for semiconductor prototype, probing, MEMS, RF-Microwave.
Useful for Laboratory projects and pre-production where low volume, low cost is required.
Singulated, ready for die attachment and wire-bonding.

Practice kits for solder training and experimenting. There are various kinds of pre-prepared kits and custom kits with custom picked boards.

For information on available kits and boards, send us a query or take a look at TopLine.

Column Grid Arrays (CCGA) make your BGAs safer and are the optimal solution for problematic situations and hazardous environments where your boards risk being damaged by thermal expansion.
Vibration Dampers have been developed by TopLine together with NASA to give stability to cards that are exposed to frequent vibration (i.e. drills) or other critical missions such as space or aero.

The QFP lead straigtening tool helps you save money and time by letting you quickly and easily restore the condition of your QFPs leads. Invaluable necessity for anyone who uses or produces QFPs.