Intepro has added a new, money saving machine series to their list of regenerative electronic DC Loads.

The new series is called the ELR 9000 HP series, and they allow a wider range of connections, ranging from 360V to 528V. The ELR 9000 HP also has increased power density, allowing up to 15 kW in the single 3U chassi. Combined with other chassis, the ELR 9000 HP can achieve up to 240 kW.

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TopLine now produces very large size 12x12mm Daisy Chain QFN (Quad Flat No-lead packages) components with dummy silicon die for use in a variety of SMT process and thermal profile testing applications.
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Solderable Spacers from TopLine are conductive or non-conductive blocks used to support the components on the board and the PCB itself. They can handle heavy pressure.
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SOT23 zero ohm jumper SOT23 zero ohm jumper

TopLine offers SOT Jumper components, a low-cost way to short out (JUMPER) Printed Circuit Board circuitry without the need to redesign or design a whole new board.

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Do you have obsolete, unsupported test systems in use and need to replace it or relocate production?

Save time and money on your legacy equipment investment with migration to the Digitaltest MTS family of testers.

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