Boards and kits

These boards and kits are just a few of the large number of varying such that we offer from Topline. These specific ones are very commonly used and we typically have a large supply of them.
Note that only the board is for sale, components can be ordered separately but not found on this web shop.

NASA Solder Practice Board

485 kr

The NASA Solder Practice Board is a Mixed Technology Board for legacy soldering proficiency. For the kit including its components, send us a mail.

Challenger 2 BoARD/KIT

360 kr

Challenger 2 Board. Top side has the typical daisy chain BGA, QFP, SOIC, SOT, PLCC, SMT chips and more.

Econo III Mixed Tech Board/Kit

95 kr

Econo 3 Board. Can also be bought as a kit.. Kit includes the PC Board and assortment of SMT and through hole components. Includes QFP, PLCC, PDIP, axial lead and radial lead components, diodes and chip resistors.


970 kr

The SABER practice board is used to test capabilities such as daisy chain BGA, QFP, SOIC, SOT, PLCC, SMT chips and more.

Chip Shooter Kit BOARD/KIT

550 kr

Chip Shooter Kit includes small zero ohm resistors for placement and continuity testing. An Ohm meter can be used to check continuity (Good), or open circuit (Fail) at test points for each row of components. Chips are supplied on reels with 2mm pitch tape. This kit can be used for placement, soldering or testing.