QFP Lead Straightening Tool

This smart and universal QFP tool enables you to rework and align bent pins on all sizes QFP and TQFP. Use standard hand tools such as dental picks and tweezers to adjust the leads of QFP to match recessed template slots.

  • Pitch 0.4mm to 1.0mm
  • 46 different QFP patterns.

Great for recovery of expensive QFP, TQFP and LQFP. An essential work bench tool for the serious tech.

Can also be used at incoming QA to verify the number pins, body size and pitch of unknown QFP components.

The plate is constructed of heavy duty conductive 50 mil (1.27mm) thick stainless steel with 5 mil deep etched recessed patterns that precisely match the leads of the QFP/TQFP.

ESD Safe of course, use on grounded bench pad with wrist strap.

There is no reason to live without it, stop wasting money!

QFP/QFN alignment plate - Topline aligment tool

€ 195