Open cavity

Mirror Semiconductor is an affiliated company of TopLine. They offer Open Cavity (air cavity) M-QFN packages.

Open Cavity packagages are excellent for fabless semiconductor prototype, probing, MEMS, RF-Microwave. Use for R&D, laboratory projects and pre-production where low volume, low cost is required.

Singulated, ready for die attach and wire-bond. Cover with lid or fill with glob-top.


The Open carrier is the basis of the Open Cavity package and can be completed with lids or filled with glop-top.

Flat LidS

Flat lids for cavity package.

Dome LidS

Dome lids for tall die and flat substrate package.


Socket with top open window.

Excellent for probing into the cavity of M-QFN while measuring outputs on bottom of QFN package.

Engineering Evaluation Kits

Engineering kits are a convenient way to evaluate Open cavity (air cavity) package applications.

Bonding Wire

Tanaka is the premier manufacturer of bonding wire to the semiconductor industry.

Tanaka offers a full range of Gold (Au), Silver (Ag), Aluminum (Al), bare Copper (Cu) and Palladium Coated Copper, covering all applications of wedge, ball and bump bonding.