Advanced BGA Interconnections

These are the solutions you may be looking for if you need to produce circuit boards that are used in harsh environments. The Micro-coil springs, an alternative CCGA, were co-produced by NASA for their space operations.

Solder columns are 10x more reliable than solder balls when attaching large size ceramic IC packages to FR4 or polyimide PC Boards operating in harsh environments.

The large CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) mismatch of ceramic puts stress on the interconnections (I/O) over wide temperature cycles. The corners of a large 50x50mm ceramic package might twist as much as ±70µm over temperature swings of 100°C.

Eventually, the connections between the ceramic IC and the mother board will break over time enduring thousands of temperature cycles. Solder columns are flexible and absorb CTE mismatch, thereby lengthening the life of the circuit.

Micro-coil springs can take up to 50000 G!
CCGA are availabe in several formats
Non-Collapsible Elastomer Core Solder Ball
Non-Collapsible Elastomer Core Solder Ball