Effective cleaning of flux residues

Etimol SEM 10/11 RAA is an odor-free, efficient and economical cleaning system for flux build up in soldering equipment. Guaranteed to not leave any harmful residues in your equipment. No alcohol means user-friendly and no risk for fire.

The water-based, alkaline cleaning medium Etimol SEM10 or 11 efficiently removes flux residues and outgassing from circuit boards from reflow-, wave-, selective and vapor-phase soldering systems. Due to the foaming formula, an improved effect is achieved, even when used with still hot soldering machines, the mild inherent odor convinces.

The cleaning medium is sprayed onto the surfaces to be cleaned at room temperature and wiped off after several minutes. Due to the innovative formula when reaching soldering temperatures of >200 degrees, no cleaning agent residues of any kind remain in the soldering machine system.

Our foaming spray bottle is the perfect tool for this cleaning media.

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Etimol SEM 10 RAA

€ 197