QMAN - an Easy Repair Tool for PCBs

Q-man paperless repair Q-man paperless repair

QMAN has been developed by Digitattest for the purpose of shorten repairs time.. 

The program is integrated into your test system and acts as a knowledge database for issues and their solutions.

With features such as Trend Alarm warning you when an issue is reoccuring, CAD file interaction, Fault Record and Key Performance Indicator, you are guaranteed to be able to tackle your PCB mounting issues with ease and simplicity.

Q-man screenshot


  • QMAN is fast to install and learn. The installation plus training time is only three days, while other trouble shooting solutions can take months to install and train for.
  • A single licence can be used on up to 10 computers and be running on 3 of those at once.
  • QMAN is compatible with almost all test systems, not only DigitalTest's own CITE.
  • QMAN can be used with various test types, including AOI, SPI, ICT and FT.
  • The Trend Alarm is crucial for companies with big and rapid production lines, triggering an alarm if a reoccuring PCB problem appears to avoid having to repair more boards than necessary.
  • QMAN packaging station separates functioning from defect boards without the need for human interaction.