ELR 9000 HP Series

Intepro has added a new, money saving machine series to their list of regenerative electronic DC Loads.

The new series is called the ELR 9000 HP series, and they allow a wider range of connections, ranging from 360V to 528V. The ELR 9000 HP also has increased power density, allowing up to 15 kW in the single 3U chassi. Combined with other chassis, the ELR 9000 HP can achieve up to 240 kW.

The way it works is that the input DC energy goes through a DC-DC converter linked with a current source synchronizing with the grid distribution and thus recycling the energy. So other than having wide voltage ranges and high power density, the ELR 9000 HP also has the coveted property of preserving up to 95% of invested energy.

Thanks to the DC Load's environment-friendly and heat-preventing ability, the machine doesn't need any big fans as it never gets too hot. And in the long run it will (if used) save large amounts of money on electricity compared to similar products.

Intepro DC Loads come with the Auto Range feature. This feature dynamically changes the available output current based on the changing output voltage. What this does is that it makes sure that the process remains efficient and that no money is being wasted on unnecessary power; removing the issues and costs of oversizing power sources.