Test system migration

Do you have obsolete, unsupported test systems in use and need to replace it or relocate production?

Save time and money on your legacy equipment investment with migration to the Digitaltest MTS family of testers.

Existing test programs and fixtures from numerous test platforms such as GenRad, Teradyne and Agilent (HP) can be migrated to a modern tester from Digitaltest. With Digitaltest’s non-multiplexed MTS testers you will have an open test platform for which existing and debugged test programs can be translated.

An inexpensive fixture adapter allows you to use your existing  test fixtures as well. By installing a Digitaltest MTS tester, fixture and program migration software in all of its facilities, a manufacturer can easily move test jobs between sites, increasing production flexibility, while saving time and money, and ensuring the greatest return on investment in test equipment.

CITE, the test system software platform of the MTS test system family, can include different test program translators from the different languages to the CITE test language. Such translators are:

  • Schlumberger S740 and S745
  • Agilent 3070 and 3065
  • GenRad 179X, 227X and 228X
  • Marconi 80R and Midata MD530
  • Rohde & Schwarz TSXXX
  • Tescon
  • Teradyne Z1800

However the test program migration can go beyond just the translation of the test program. An adapter can be used to use an existing test fixture on the MTS test systems, for example:

  • Adapter to use GR227X and 228X on MTS300 Sigma
  • Adapter to use Agilent 3070 on MTS300 Sigma
  • Adapter to use Rohde & Schwarz fixtures on MTS300 Sigma
  • Adapter to use Marconi 80R on MTS300 Sigma
  • Adapter to use Schlumberger S740 and S745 on MTS888 test system.
  • Adapter to use Teradyne Z1800 on MTS300 Sigma 

Converter MTS300 to Teradyne 1800 Series

Taking over of existing Teradyne fixtures and test programs is now a matter of a few hours. By taking over the existing application we can save the initial cost but provide a modern system with existing service and spare parts to affordable costs.