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eTRONIX Test solutions for electronics anD cables

The electronic manufacturing industry is evolving fast. We are witnessing more and more strategic partnerships with new models of joint design manufacturing (JDM) and outsourced design manufacturing (ODM). This is resulting in pressure on EMS/ECM companies to enhance testing capabilities and on OEM companies for introduction of new verification methods. 

Etronix can be your test/verification and contract management partner throughout the product development life cycle. We offer a one window operation to both OEM and EMS/ECM. Just share your problem with us and sit back, we will workout the most efficient and reliable solution for you. Etronix has inhouse expertise and technology sharing with leading providers of test and verification solution that helps us to pick best of the bread for each requirement.

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High Contrast Chips

Placement Ceramic Chips are available in 2 colors: Black and White, thus offering excellent contrast for vision equipment to see. Edges are 90° for accurate placement by vision equipment. They are ideal for placement machine or vision system calbration and fault finding.

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